G5plus Flight Controller
Redundant auto pilot for unmanned aircraft systems
100% Made by Multirotor

Best in class auto pilot for unmanned aircraft systems providing the highest level of in-flight safety and 100% secure handling of data.

Always under control
Triple-redundant set of independent flight controllers preserving control even in case of total failure

Reliable flight data
Triple-redundant set of attitude, altitude, compass and gnss sensors produce consistent flight data

Unlimited application options
Full flexibility for your application based on proprietary hardware and software

Multisensor environment detection through optional additional module

Complete data safety
Encrypted communication uplink ensures complete data safety

Convenient data processing
Convenient interfaces facilitate post-flight data processing

G5plus Flight Controller100% Made by Multirotor

The G5plus Flight Controller has three redundant flight control cores. These control units continuously calculate the position and position data of the aircraft. By comparing the derived data and a powerful decision logic, faulty results are immediately detected and the corresponding core is deactivated. A fourth auxiliary core handles communication with the world outside and ensures a high-performance data link without impairing flight stabilization.

Each flight control core has its own set of attitude, magnetic and altitude sensors. This redundancy protects not only in case of total failure of one sensor. Deviations in the sensor data, e.g. due to incorrect measurements, are also corrected and taken into account during flight stabilization.

Standardized interfaces facilitate the evaluation of flight data. Via a USB connection the G5plus Flight Controller can be configured and flight data can be retrieved without additional hardware. Furthermore, a multitude of additional interfaces for the connection of peripheral devices are available. Some of these interfaces are redundant, so that e.g. three GNSS receivers can be operated simultaneously.

The G5plus Flight Controller communicates via an AES encrypted WLAN connection. Mission data can thus be transferred easily and safely directly to the aircraft during operation.

A powerful Flight Recorder captures all data occurring during the flight, such as current attitude and position, sent control commands, status of the current mission, etc. at a high rate. This allows, for example, the trajectory of a mission to be easily traced and linked to external events such as the acquisition of single images.


Processors 3 independent control cores, 1 auxiliary core 216MHz ARM cortex M7
GPS Ublox NMEA compatible interfaces for 3 external gps receivers (redundant) or 1 external receiver (non redundant)
Blackbox SD HC memory card
Motor controller MULTIROTOR proprietary (redundant) or pulse width modulated (non redundant)
Interfaces CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, USB, WLAN
User extensions Current attitude and position data is forwarded via CAN bus to customized sensor equipment.
Time stamps of external events are stored on the blackbox.

Keep your UAS application safe: With the redundant Flight Controller G5plus from Multirotor

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