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Multirotor UAVs


MULTIROTOR is a pioneer in the UAV market. As early as in 2008, MULTIROTOR developed the first micro-multicopter for innovative B2B applications - long before unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV) were widely known and acknowledged.

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Diverse Product Range

UAV for Surveying, Industry, Agriculture, Film, Photography and more.

Technology Pioneer - Since 2008

The fast growing company produces series of individual flight drones as end-to-end solutions for an increasing number of astonishing applications. The production and assembly work of all key components, such as hard- and software, are 'made in Germany' and of the highest quality. We are producing systems which even meet the security standards oriented towards the ones of civil aviation. Our products can be operated easily and intuitively. The wind stability is unique. The high scalability enables an almost unlimited range of applications and operations.



Surveying with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Surveillance with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Logistics with MULTIROTOR UAV Systems Technical maintenance and inspection with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Thermography with MULTIROTOR UAV systems Reconnaissance with MULTIROTOR UAV systems





» No reported crashes since the introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology «

Hundredfold proven and reliable against technical failure

» The company is particularly innovative due to its superior product characteristics and the technological leadership that it has achieved «

Jury of the ARTIE Innovation Award 2014

» After the successful flight training and instruction on the functions of the aircraft, the familiarisation period is very short, so that safe and stable flying is guaranteed from the outset. «

Andreas Wolff (observer) & Klaus Stephan (pilot), Stadtwerke Mainz AG

» The MULTIROTOR G4 7.8 Skycrane is the best and safest UAV system in the civil sector worldwide. «

PHX Pictures GmbH, CEO Benjamin Matthias Tewaag