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Excellent recordings with the video drone

Tasks requiring high altitude are quite difficult for humans and not feasible without effort. Video recordings of difficult terrain, bodies of water or animals in the wild are good examples. To make good pictures here, you need expensive special equipment such as helicopters and of course a license. All this takes time and costs money. You can achieve your goals considerably cheaper and with much better results with a video drone.

The video drone also shoots events even in difficult terrain

In addition to recordings of difficult terrain, the video drone is also ideal for shooting events. With an altitude of up to 150 meters and a maximum range of 2,000 meters, it enables impressive overall recordings. The "unmanned aerial vehicle" is either routed via a remote control from the ground or flies autonomously using GPS waypoint navigation. The video drone can be equipped with different camera systems - from the high-resolution digital camera to the thermal imaging system or even with professional cinema gear.

Video drone for real time video recordings

The video drone delivers real-time video recordings in best HD quality. Such live images are becoming increasingly popular. Because they are an excellent way to promote events, companies or specific products such as real estate. Finally, pictures say a thousand words - especially when they come from a high-definition video drone.


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