UAV in use by police force

Efficient crime scene documentation

UAV for crime scene documentation

LKA Berlin uses MULTIROTOR drone for investigation

Pressemitteilung MULTIROTORIn the spring of 2016 the company MULTIROTOR service-drone delivered a drone equipped with special technology to the LKA Berlin.

The UAV with its special technology is used to document crime scenes from the air, e.g. crime scene documentation of serious crimes as well as environmental crimes, video documentation of damaging events and catastrophes, georeferenced shots for measurements. Thus investigators are able to measure crime scenes and accident scenes from the air up to 1mm exactly and to create high-definition 3D models. These models might, for instance, help judges to see accident scenes more clearly since the 3D models offer views from every possible angle and make traces visible that could have easily been missed with conventional investigation methods.

In addition to the higher cogency of proof, accident scenes can also be cleared faster, which is an advantage for the safety of all people.

Report of an investigator in the Berliner Morgenpost from the 1st May 2016:

» In the case of major accidents on busy roads and crossings, [the use of drones] can save up to four hours of measuring compared to the conventional methods with measuring tape and protocol writing «

chief inspector Priegnitz, LKA Berlin


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Impressions from the MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle with police equipment