UAE Drones for good Award


As an experienced developer and producer of UAVs service-drone support David Kiarie’s project with our technology to create digital terrain models of Slums and to provide the results to the residents, government, town planners, companies and aid organizations.

As part of THE UAE Drones For Good Award of the United Arab Emirates David shows, that the drones make a decisive contribution in the improvement of the living conditions in slums.

Kenia has over 41 million inhabitants. 30% of the population, ca. 13 million people, live in urban areas. 60% of them, ca. 8 million people, live in slums according to the statements of the UN and the Kenyan government.

Nearly all inhabitants are neither lodgers nor wild settlers. Ground leases and unresolved property disputes often lead to conflicts. The slums are full of huts in which thousands of low-income people live. Without spatial planning the huts are uncontrollably built too close to each other. Even on streets, railways and as public signed areas was built uncontrollably. This has made it impossible for government and town planners to provide an infrastructure and basic services. As a result there are no accessible streets, lights, sewer tunnels and clean drink water or common-sense toiltets. Electricity is mainly tapped over existing lines with exposed cabels with carry voltage.

Devastating fires have already cost too many lives, because helpers and the fire brigade, ambulance and health helpers were not able to get through to the affected area. There are simply too less common-sense streets.


A for the publicity accessible geografical information system with detailed maps of the slums is the first step to a solution of these problems. In the long term this will help to build usable streets and sewer tunnels, implement health facilities, install save power lines and enlarge the connections, install street lights and make police patrol possible. The state and local government, police, humanitarian organisations and also the media shall use film drones to provide the residents with accurate and prompt information.

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