Multirotor is a true pioneer in the UAV market.


The multicopter of the 4th generation

Made in Germany

A dream has come true. What previously seemed unthinkable is now a reality: The self-stabilising multi-rotor copter!

The multicopter belongs to a class of rotary aircraft that first tried to take off in the 1920s, and usually failed to do so. With the development of the helicopter, manoeuvring on all three axes, but particularly self-stabilising hovering on the spot, was supposed to be possible. The latter remained a technical challenge for nearly a century.

It was not until sensitive sensors, quick data processing, electronic controls with high power consumption, high-end motors and light high-performance batteries came along that self-stabilising drone flights were possible in a convenient format. GPS as well as additional sensors test and regulate the flight stability several times a second.

All this, however, is not enough to be able to use the multicopter as a vibration-free camera mount for our purposes. Development and particularly experience show that it comes down to the smallest of details and every slight tweak. SD is therefore developing more and more of their own components and is constantly working on optimising systems that have been tried and tested hundreds of times.

Being able to leave out unnecessary components, the minimal, tough carbon fibre frame and the power reserves make the MULTIROTOR extremely wind-resistant and stable in flight. Our multicopter can fly in wind strengths up to 6 or up to 40km/h wind speed. The robust shape with no winged sections enables it to take off quickly and glide at up to 50km/h, and guarantees minimal displacement, even in gusts of wind, which would not be the case with a larger frame.

Every service-drone is a custom-made product according to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Every production step is carefully documented. All components are tested with the utmost care and only built into the finished aircraft once all extensive testing has been successfully completed. At the end, our technician’s signature guarantees that it is safe to fly and that your bespoke camera copter is fully working. The documentation also offers customers a further advantage, as if you have any questions or service orders we can always find out which aircraft is yours, with which equipment, and which replacement parts we have in stock for you.

In short, a MULTIROTOR by service-drone is always the result of the most innovative technology, very best components, a lot of experience, the highest levels of precision and extraordinary craftsmanship – Made in Germany!

With the innovative MULTIROTOR flight control, the most effective drive design and brushless gimbals, the model programme of 2014 probably offers the most modern and most efficient multicopter systems worldwide for any application.

First MULTIROTOR MR-X8 (2008)

8-engined multicopter MR-X8 with own MULTIROTOR flight control and trendsetting GPS functions, extremely easy flight for aerial photography.

First service-drone (2010)

First cameracopter for media production with optional separate control for pilot and cameraman as well as data telemetry.

service-drone 2nd generation (2012)

Enhanced camera mounts, higher payload, lightweight and unbreakable full carbon frames make the videocopter of the 2nd generation become the best-selling all-round system in Europe.

service-drone 3rd generation (2013)

4 - to 12-engined multicopter with significantly higher payload and image stability, fully integrated cameras with zoom and WiFi control mode, transmitter with voice assistance and intelligent sensor technology allow even better recordings and flight dynamics for film, TV and advertising.

MULTIROTOR service-drone 4th generation (2014)

First MULTIROTOR with 32-bit dual processor flight control, three-blade gear with highest efficiency and brushless gimbal for the most important professional camera systems.


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