Security, search and rescue

Help from above.

SAR - Search and rescue

Air rescue: search for missing persons, position detection, mission planning

The use of remotely controlled camera drones in the field of search and rescue services, fire brigades, police and other SAR organisations becomes more and more common. The advantages are obvious, as the unmanned mission protects human life, and provides fast and flexible an essential advance for immediate assessment of the situation in acute danger.

Flying cameras in search and rescue service

The remote-controlled service-drone can be flown in the easiest way to hazards and scenes of accident. Transmitted from the UAV to the ground station is a live image which serves for the operations center as decision and planning base, high resolution photos keep records and provide valuable evidence for subsequent accident analysis. Preventive measures can properly be assessed and planned in advance.

Disaster control



Tip: In addition to optical cameras and infrared cameras, other instruments such as gas detectors can be used.

» The local police was impressed with an assistance intervention which was realised by my multicopter. «

Swiss-Skyline Air-Records Productions (Marcel Schwyn and Team), Switzerland

Small and light camera copter for mobile use of MULTIROTOR service-drone offer the following advantages:

  • Effective and rapid assessment of the situation
  • Perspectives also of inaccessible terrain, i.e. over water
  • Risk-free approach in case of fire, gas, erosion, etc.
  • Real-time viewfinder image to all ground stations by SDI monitor
  • Documentation for accident analysis and prevention
  • GPS and autopilot assistance respectively follow-me system
  • Wind-resistant
  • Fail-safe automatic landing

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