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By now, the media talks of the "drone age". Experts agree that small flying robots increasingly find intelligent and versatile use in our modern world. For us as manufacturer of innovative UAV systems for civilian use, this is a new challenge between expectations and reality every day.

Of course some ideas are not technically feasible yet, other ideas are marginally, but also a whole lot has become true like out of a dream. Nowadays, technology legally allows a variety of applications for media professionals, engineers and decision makers in equal measure. One thing is quite clear: Today users of modern technologies come from the universities and will occupy the key positions of tomorrow.

As a leading engine and accelerator of these developments, service-drone possesses practical knowledge like hardly any other company does. We willingly put our experience at your disposal. Our instructors speak e.g. at film schools or professional industry organizations. In addition to the exciting and very practical lectures, a live presentation is a real highlight every time.

Tip: Book our lecturers for your students, association members, customers or panelists. service drone offers discounted workshops in line with collegiat education.


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