Professional aerial photography

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Professional aerial photographs offer numerous use cases

Professional aerial photographs provide scientists and ornithologists, geologists or archaeologists important findings, based on which they can continue working. In the area of ​​industrial maintenance professional aerial photos supply photos of severe damage and wear. They provide a brief, concise overview of all the essentials and help you make your work easier. At the same time you save money because you do not act haphazardly and get proper information to decide on further actions..

Drones get more and more important in advertising

In addition to science and technology professional aerial photography plays a more and more significant role in advertising. Real estate agents can provide more property detail than ever possible before, including information on the environment and bird's eye views. In film and television you can not be missing out on professional aerial photography, either in coverage or in documentaries. Finally, many events will be broadcast live from the venue - by video replay and partially from above.

As diverse as the uses of different camera systems

As varied as the uses for professional aerial photography are our drones. According to your needs, they can be equipped with different camera systems and hover, sometimes high up, sometimes close to the ground over town and country. Its range is at an altitude of 150 meters to hundreds of meters. Thus they reach even inaccessible terrain such as swamps, ravines and water surfaces easily.

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