Professional aerial images

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Professional aerial images for every application

Mikrokopter open up an easy and affordable way to create professional aerial images. Take on steady (stabilized) photographs and video clips from a height up to 150 meters and enrich your reporting with real-time images of the respective events.

Create professional aerial photos for maintenance and inspections

Professional aerial images are in demand in many areas. Integrate high quality aerial photos of various properties as a real estate agent in your Internet presentation in order to provide prospective simultaneously an impression of the environment. This option is also available as a hotel owner or operator of a recreational facility. An entirely different area, where professional aerial photos are in demand, is the maintenance of technical systems. The drone can here systematically depart all areas and document damage by professional aerial images. On this basis you can then instruct technicians with maintenance.

Make aerial photographs

Industry, advertising, film  and television use professional aerial photography. Especially for inaccessible or sensitive areas the drones are ideal for aerial photographs. Firstly, because they can fly autonomously via GPS waypoint navigation when the visibility is not sufficient to control it from the ground. Secondly, because Mikrokopter emit no pollutants or create noise that could disturb the sensitive fauna. As they move inconspicuously through the air, our quadro-, hexa- and octocopter can be well used for professional aerial photography within cities or public events. The possibility of UAV are simply incredibly versatile!

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