MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot

INTERGEO bestseller and best-selling survey drone.

MULTIROTOR flying robots for innovative aerial survey.

MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot

MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-RobotBestseller INTERGEO 2014 and 2015: Instant-Start-Complete-Package for the innovative provider of surveying services at a very attractive introduction price. Orthography up to 1 mm ground resolution and 3D models generated as easy as never before.

  • Surveying robot to generate georeferenced photo to build detailed orthophotos, digital elevation models, point cloud generation, volume calculation, 3D models etc.
  • Incl. camera system and flight planning software
  • High wind stability up to 10 meter per second
  • Compact carbon design, foldable
  • Outstanding innovation "made in Germany": Winner of the Innovation Price 2014
  • Bestseller INTERGEO 2014 and 2015, best-selling UAV-surveying-system

With the Innovation Price 2014 awarded world first "made in Germany": The MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot is the first surveying robot in series with the unique MULTIROTOR G4 technology.

Like each MULTIROTOR UAV, the new MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot is equipped with the MULTIROTOR flight-control, which allows unprecedented measuring and flight precision.

This is enabled by the 32-bit dual-processor board from the MULTIROTOR flight-control with a 10-fold higher computing capacity, state-of-the-art hardware components, a 128 Hz measurement data log and a referenced GPS system.

The set contains everything you need for an immediate take-off.

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G4 Surveying-Robot

Provided is a fully integrated camera system for the automatic measuring flight as well as the software package for the flight planning. Create georeferenced photos in a very short time to build detailed orthophotos with up to 1 mm ground resolution, digital elevation models, point cloud generation, volume calculation, 3D models etc. Expand your possibilities, your value-added chain and your efficiency with the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot state of the art and ready to fly!

Further processing of the georeferenced photos with standard softwares like Agisoft, Pix4D or others.

You can combine helpful and useful extras from our extensive range of accessory. You can select individual user trainings, a secure device comprehensive insurance and a value preserving maintenance contract with service hotline or the MULTIROTOR G4 software license full upgrade, to equip your surveying-Robot to a full film, photo or thermal image system.


Find out in the new brochure how the Surveying Robot facilitates your daily surveying work. The precise acquisition of complex projects with classical surveying sensors (Tachymeter and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) requires a great amount of points. Besides the enormous amount of time for the recording of the points, the employees are often exposed to great risks which can only be minimized to a calculable degree by expensive safeguarding. With the use of the Surveying Robot the time and costs requirements for the measurement of many projects can be reduced considerably.

MULTIROTOR in measurement and inspection


Overview of the New Package Solutions


  Surveying-Robot-S  Surveying-Robot-M  Surveying-Robot-L 
Surveying-Robot S M L
Flight time 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
Batteries 2x 6,250 mAh 4S 2x 6,250 mAh 4S 2x 6,250 mAh 4S
Waypoint via cable Feature     
Jeti DS14 Feature     
Removable Rotors Feature     
Olympus E-PL7 Feature  Feature   
Analog videolink   Feature   
Waypoint via radio   Feature  Feature 
Jeti DC16 with screen mount   Feature  Feature 
Carry case   Feature  Feature 
Live-route-transmission   Feature  Feature 
Foldable rotors   Feature  Feature 
Digital videolink     Feature 
Sony Alpha 6000, incl. 2nd lens     Feature 
HD liveview     Feature 
Video start/stop from remote     Feature 
Zoom from remote     Feature 
Additional tripod for screen     Feature 
Thermal camera option possible   Feature 
Multispectral camera option possible   Feature  Feature 


Surveying made easy - Surveying-Robot in use



Technical Data

Overview | Technical data | Camera systems | Accessories | Service-Packs | MULTIROTOR G4 Training

Article name
MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot
Technical data
Attitude control 512 times per second
Automatic treble control 24-bit barometric
Autonomous flight max. 500 waypoints
Autostart / autolanding assistant
Cantilever beam fold system
Camera suspension
Brushless Gimbal
Digital option port (for future applications)
Digital RC transmitter pilot
Jeti ds-14 (Jeti dc-16 optional)
Ø 85 cm, H 49 cm
Drive redundancy
Emergency Landing
Device hull insurance Europe
Flight Control MULTIROTOR G4 Dual 32 bit
Flight Control redundancy
Flight data log
128 Hz
Flight training and flight practice certificate
GPS flight assistant (position Hold, Coming Home)
Inspection (12 months, 25 flight lines, 350 starts)
Live-View 5.8 GHz Diversity
Max. airspeed
30 km/h
Max. Flight time (ideal)
20 min
Max. Take-off weight (ideal)
5000 g
Pack size
88x45x22 cm
Payload (incl. camera suspension and flight battery)
2300 g
Servo connectors
Wind stable till
10 m/s
Camera systems
Integration of other camera systems
On inquiry
Special integration of the Sony Alpha 7RII Camera
On inquiry
System integration Tetracam ADC-Micro Multispectral Camera
On inquiry
Optris PI LightWeight 640 IR Camera
On inquiry
Optional flight battery short circuit fuse
On inquiry
Full-Business-Upgrade MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot
On inquiry
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition - Stand-Alone licence
On inquiry
Hardcase MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot
On inquiry
Flight battery MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot
On inquiry
LiPo-flight battery heating case
On inquiry
Upgrade & Maintenance Contract MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot
On inquiry
1-day individual practical training incl. flying experience certificate
On inquiry
2-days practical training surveying incl. flying experience certificate
On inquiry


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