Carry LIDAR and other heavyweights safely into the air - MULTIROTOR for special applications.

Top-ranking technology for maximum payload: Ultra stable film recordings in 6K cinema format due to the unique MULTIROTOR G4 flight stability. Also ideal for transporting heavy loads.

  • Heavy lift UAV for max. 6.5 kg playload
  • Ideal hover platform for the integration of FREEFLY MōVI M10 3-axis gimbal
  • Ideal hover platform for transporting heavy loads and scalable applications
  • High wind stability up to 10 - 15 meter per second
  • Fully redundant design for approved operation in Austria (optional)
  • Outstanding innovation "made in Germany": Winner of the Innovation Price 2014


With the innovative MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane a moviemaker's long-desired dream comes true! Image stabilized shots in 6k cinema format are enabled by this world leading technology for maximum loading capacity. Moreover, the MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane is a perfect product for heavy goods transport.

This heavy goods-oktocopter is an ideal floating platform for the integration of the FREEFLY MÖVI M10 3-Achs-Gimbal. The transport of heavy goods also fits perfectly in the portfolio of the Skycrane. Even with strong winds the drone stays extremely stable in the air. The full-redundant configuration for the admission to operation in Austria and other countries is optionally available.

Service-drone presented the first series of camera-copters for a RED Epic already in 2012. The new system of the current version enables it for the first time to fly a RED Dragon 6K or a RED Epic 5K with the flexibility, safety and the precision of a multicopter and to combine it with the established MöVI M10 3-Achs Gimbal at the same time.

But the Skycrane also perfectly masters industrial applications, such as pulling ropes or transporting goods. Special cameras, such as the INFRATEC thermal imaging camera series VarioCAM hr head work together with this product reliably. This drone handles the employment of special heavy sensors like LiDAR easily.

In this generation, the convincing features of the series before have been improved again. The MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane is equipped with MULTIROTOR Flight-Control, which offers an unmatched flight and image stability. The 32-bit-dual-processing-board incorporated in MULTIROTOR Flight-Control enables a processing power 10 times higher. Included are the most recent hardware components and a referenced GPS system. 512 times per second the system corrects the flight attitude and guarantees the safest drone flight of all times.

Astonishing achievements in flight power are possible due to the newly developed brushless motors from the house of Plettenberg. In combination with the three rotors with winglets the Skycrane has the most effective and quietest engine that has ever existed in this class.

For industrial flights the MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane can be combined with a retract system.

Including the no-panic function: The drone flies on its own. With no control impulses the MULTIROTOR Recon One stays in the air, on the same height level and in the same position.

Numerous helpful and useful extras of the extra equipment pool can be combined with this unrivaled micro drone. Individual training of applicants and maintenance contracts, which conserve the value, and software updates are available options.

Project development according to individual requirements is very welcome!

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Scope of supply and services:

  • MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane UAV "ready to fly" (without landing gear)
  • MULTIROTOR flight-control – Winner Innovation Price 2014
  • Software licence Multicontrol including registration
  • Technical range 2,000 meter min.
  • Autopilot with 250 meter flight radius, position hold, coming home, automatic altitude control
  • Brushless gears from Plettenberg with handcrafted three-blade rotors
  • Light and unbreakable full carbon frame
  • Oval dome black
  • Jeti dc-16 portable transmitter "MULTIROTOR edition" including battery and charger
  • Two-way data telemetry with language assistance
  • High performance flight battery (2 units)
  • LiPo battery tester
  • 2x Battery charger
  • Manual MULTIROTOR and safety briefing
  • Technical device documentation incl. system-check and signature from the responsible aircraft engineer

Technical Data

Overview | Technical data | Camera systems | Accessories | Service-Packs | MULTIROTOR G4 Training

Article name
Technical Data
Altitude control 512 times per second
Automatic treble control 24-bit barometric
Autonomous flight max. 500 waypoints
Autostart / autolanding assistant
Battery redundancy
Cantilever beam plug system
Camera suspension
Digital option port (for future applications)
Digital RC transmitter pilot
Ø 114 cm, H 50 cm (with Mövi Gimbal)
Drive redundancy
Emergency Landing
Device hull insurance Europe
Flight Control MULTIROTOR G4 Dual 32 bit
Flight Control redundancy
Flight data log
128 Hz
Flight training and flight practice certificate
GPS flight assistant (position Hold, Coming Home)
Inspection (12 months, 25 flight lines, 350 starts)
Live-View 5.8 GHz Diversity
Max. airspeed
40 - 50 km/h
Max. Flight time (ideal)
12 min
Max. Take-off weight (ideal)
12000 g
Pack size
97x97x25 cm (demontiertes Gimbal)
Payload (incl. camera suspension and flight battery)
6500 g
Servo connectors
Wind stable till
10 - 15 m/s
Camera Systems
Integration of other camera systems
On inquiry
Camera option RED scarlet / epic / dragon
On inquiry
Camera option Canon C300 / C500
On inquiry
MōVI M10 3-axis gimbal incl. Remote-Head-Control
On inquiry
Packet grabber (Cargo-Version)
On inquiry
Retract-System (linkage)
On inquiry
MULTIROTOR G4 Software-License Pro-Upgrade
On inquiry
MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle redundancy upgrade
On inquiry
MULTIROTOR GroundStation and GeoMap Win 3.4 Software
On inquiry
Removable arms MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane
On inquiry
Additional transmitter for camera operator
On inquiry
Liveview Diversity TFT Monitor Case
On inquiry
Flight batteries MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane
On inquiry
Hardcase G4 Eagle-cantilever-beams
On inquiry
LiPo-flight battery heating case
On inquiry
Upgrade & Maintenance Contract MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane
On inquiry
1-day individual practical training incl. flying experience certificate
On inquiry
2-days practical training surveying incl. flying experience certificate
On inquiry


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