High Precision Surveying Kit for Matrice 600 Pro
The new benchmark in UAV surveying

By using additional components of the highest quality and the exclusively developed Multirotor PPK Workflow, the Matrice 600 Pro PPK fulfils the highest demands for professional aerial surveying

Measurement with only a few GCPs through proprietary PPK workflow with consideration of all offsets

Consideration of even the slightest offsets in flights position and altitude through proprietary PPK workflow

Maximum reliability due to comprehensive battery management system and intelligent flight batteries

Up to 30 minutes flight time

Enables the use of professional system cameras (e.g. Sony Alpha 7RII, RX1, etc.)

Brushless Gimbal with 3 axes (Pan, Roll, Tilt) and quick release for cameras up to 1700 g

Enhanced mission flexibility through a high transmission distance of up to 5 km (FCC)/3.5 km (CE)

Maximum interference immunity for position and attitude determination due to compass-free GNSS receiver

Highest possible protection against malfunction due to 3-fold redundancy of all essential components

Post Processed Kinematik for Matrice 600 Pro

Multirotor PPK Precision Add-on for Matrice 600 Pro

  • PPK calculation of camera positioning with a very high accuracy (up to 1 cm e.g. with SAPOS correction data)
  • Enables surveying with only a few GCPs
  • Eliminates the need for LTE, UMTS, GPRS or GSM coverage and permanent communication between drone and base station during the mission
  • Thus no danger of aborting the mission due to signal loss
  • Highest accuracy using free selection of satellites, satellite types and further parameter adjustments for position calculation in the PPK process
  • Prevention of typical RTK errors (e.g. cycle slips) through forward and backward calculation of the positioning

Both methods correct GPS positioning errors. RTK is a real-time correction that requires a live connection (e.g. 4G). With PPK, the positioning is corrected after the flight. This ensures the exact evaluation of the data even in case of connection failures, minimizes the RTK fix and avoids typical RTK errors (e.g. cycle slips).

The High Precision Surveying Kit for the Matrice 600 Pro is a PPK system.

D-RTK is a positioning system from DJI that allows a very accurate flight route but no accurate geo-referencing of photos taken in flight (deviation ±8 m). Multirotor's High Precision Surveying Kit positions the drone via GPS, but PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) achieves a subsequent accuracy of up to 1 cm (SAPOS) of the georeferenced images.

No, you will receive a Ready to Fly surveying system from us.

High Precision Surveying KitFrequently asked questions

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Specifications Matrice 600 Pro PPK

Weight without payload (with TB47S batteries / TB48S batteries) 9.5 kg / 10 kg
Max. payload (TB47S/TB48S) 6.0 kg / 5.5 kg
Dimensions (propeller, arms and GPS mount extended + land rack) 1668 x 1518 x 727 mm
Pack size (folded) 520 x 480 x 640 mm
Redundancy for GPS and IMU 3-times
Flight control A3 Pro
Max. Take-off weight 15.5 kg
Max. Flight time (TB47S/TB48S) 32 min / 38 min
Typical Flight time (TB47S/TB48S) 24 min / 30 min
Max. Airspeed (in calm conditions) 18 m/s (65 km/h)
Hover Accuracy Range Vertical: ±0.8 m; Horizontal: ±1.5 m
Max. Wind Speed Resistance 8 m/s (29 km/h)
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C
Max. Transmission Distance 3.5 km (CE) / 5 km (FCC)
Multi user capabilities Master and Slave
Stabilization 3-axis, brushless, with Quick Release
Max. Payload 1.7 kg
Weight 1 kg
Internal Dimensions Camera Mount 152 x 100 x 120 mm
Typical Sony Alpha 7RII ILCE-7M2 Body + Lens Sony 28mm SEL28F20
Sony Alpha 7RII ILCE-7RM2
Sony Alpha 6300
System cameras from other manufacturers e.g. Nikon D810, D800 and Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5
Upgrade & Maintenance Contract
Device hull insurance Europe
1-day individual practical training incl. flying experience certificate
2-days practical training surveying incl. flying experience certificate

You have the choice: Our Bundles

High Precision Surveying Kit


  1. Multirotor High Precision Surveying Kit for your Matrice 600 Pro


  • Saving and importing Rinex data
  • Saving and reading of the exact copter and gimbal position
  • Saving and reading of the exact Picture Timestamps
  • Calculation of Geo References Using Correction Data
  • Output of Geo References as a List

In the box:

  • High precision GNSS Receiver incl. Interial Measuring Unit
  • Camera Gimbal
  • Sony Alpha 7R II ILCE-7M2 Body + 28mm Lens
  • Additional System components (GNSS Antennas, Data Logger etc.)
  • 1 Year software license key
  • Manual
Bundle I


  1. Multirotor High Precision Surveying Kit
  2. DJI Matrice 600 Pro

In the box:

  • Matrice 600 Pro Aircraft Body
  • Remote Controller
  • 6 Intelligent Flight Batteries (TB47S)
  • Charger with 6 Hubs
  • Display/Controller extension for remote control
  • Additional accessories such as cables, documentation etc.
Bundle II


  1. Multirotor High Precision Surveying Kit
  2. DJI Matrice 600 Pro
  3. Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition - Single license

Functions Metashape:

  • Aerial and close-range triangulation
  • Point cloud generation (sparse/dense)
  • Polygonal model generation (plain/textured)
  • Setting coordinate system
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation
  • Georeferencing using flight log and/or GCPs
  • Area Calculations
  • Volume Calculations

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