MULTIROTOR OEM-platform or OEM-series production

We manufacture your UAS program.

MULTIROTOR OEM series production

Trimble ZX5 OEM

To get a flight permission in various countries, the development of a safe and functional MULTIROTOR is turning out increasingly demanding and cost-intensive.

The development of the unique MULTIROTOR hard- and software for all core components of the flying robot as well as for the autonomous flight planning dates back to early 2008. Since that time we are optimising and improving our MULTIROTOR aircrafts towards complete solutions for special applications. Just a few manufacturers are able to access that much practical experience and that high quantities of sold premium devices worldwide.

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Best possibilities for individualisation

Trimble-ZX5MULTIROTOR UAV already meet the highest safety requirements, are particularly easy to use and offer due to their own technology best possibilities for individualisation.

Your own product or series production

With our innovative solutions "Made in Germany" we play an active role in shaping the markets of today and tomorrow and set new standards for copter flying. As an OEM-partner we offer you our exemplary MULTIROTOR flying robots as a platform for your own product, or series production of individually manufactured aircrafts, with your own label, for medium to large quantities. Profit from our experience and contact us. Together we implement your applecation and your premium product.