Eight drives for a smoother flight


Octocopter - the kings among the microcopters

Thanks to its eight brushless motors the octocopter drone is hovering particularly stable in the air. The vibration is significantly lower as comparable flight objects with less than eight rotors, because the eight drives keep the drone optimally balanced. Thus, the octokopter drone is excellent for still images. Also steady video recordings are possible.

Skycrane RED

Long effective range and pictures also in inaccessible terrain

The octocopter is powered by lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries. It is controlled by a pilot from the ground. The large range of an octokopter alloews camera operators to also shoot in inaccessible terrain. Even for sensitive areas such as nature reserves octokopter are no harassment. They hardly produce noise, so that they are mostly unnpoticed. The same goes for filming and photo shoots in urban environments.

The right camera system for optimal pictures

The octocopter drone moved unobtrusively between houses, along roads, rivers or lakes. For since Oktokopter can stay up to sixteen minutes in the air without interruption, also shooting over water can accomplish. Depending on the nature of their use, you can equip the Oktokopter with various camera systems. Including a thermal imaging camera, which is next to nocturnal animal photographs on technical maintenance.


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