Versatile UAVs


The microdrone takes off your shoots - and makes them stand out

Professional film and photo shoots in the air are just two applications of microdrones. The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is controlled by radio from the ground. With a range of 2,000 meters and an altitude of 150 meters, it can also be used in hard to reach areas. During flight the microdrone transmits live images to the base station, so you can make a selection of the most successful views directly. Even with wind and weather, the drone is generally operational.

Our microdrones are also excellent for maintenance purposes

In addition to advertising and event recordings, the microdrones are also excellent for maintenance tasks. Take the example of power pylons. Equipped with a modern camera system the microdrone hovers up the pylon and circles him in any direction. This way, damages and defects can be detected and resolved early. The maintenance is thereby progressing rapidly and cost efficient. It costs significantly less to rent a microdrone, than to equip heavy machinery and maintenance technicians for testing. Anyone wishing to use the microdrone permanently for corporate videos, documentaries, real recordings or just maintenance purposes, can purchase the device also.

The right camera for your recording

Even the basic version is equipped with a highly sophisticated camera. If there are special requirements to be met, it can be replaced with other devices, such as a thermal imaging cameras.

We gladly support you

Our experienced pilots and photographers are happy to assist you in learning the correct use of microdrones. For maintenance questions you can contact us directly or our service partners in your area.

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