Professional UAVs for various applications.


The right microcopter for every purpose

Microcopter is also known as drone. At the same time microcopter subsumes quadrocopter and octocopter. Generally spoken it is also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which flight direction and speed are navigated with four or eight rotors. The regulation of the motor speed and tendency is controlled by a pilot from the ground.

Microcopter are the best solution for aerial photographs. Equipped with a video capable camera they transmit live open airs, events and more. They deliver us images of nature reserves or of properties for sale – and this through a bird`s-eye-view. Microcopter are also useful for filming and photographing surveys of water as they hover without vibrations and almost noiseless. Microcopter also reach areas and objects which are difficult to access. Among other things, this is the reason that microcopters are more and more often used for inspection of technical plants to find damages earlier. For this purpose it is useful to rent or even to buy a microcopter.

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