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First-class aerial photos? Our drones get the job done

With our photo and video drones you can make high-quality videos and aerial photographs. With a range of hundreds of meters and a maximum altitude of 150 meters the Quad- and Octocopter are mobile. Presented the vision is inadequate to control it from the ground, they also fly autonomously thanks to GPS waypoint navigation. This way you can make aerial shots difficult of to reach areas. For example water areas, nature reserves or demolition buildings whose entry would be too dangerous.

MULTI ROTOR service drone with compact dimensions

The drones are very compact in size and can be easily put in trunks for transportation. That way you can make it to almost any location for aerial photographs. Since they do not make loud noise and produce no air emissions, the UVA's are suitable even for nature protection areas. Passersby and residents are not bothered even in urban environments.

We provide a complete set ready for use

Use a UAV designed for professional use so you can quickly and cost-effectively get the highest quality videos and aerial photographs done. Make it easy and by a fully operational set, ready with optional daylight HD or thermal imager. We are happy to help.

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