Inspection and maintenance from above.


Simulating, visualizing, planning, documenting and maintaining

Whether building documentation from laying the foundation stone to the finished object, the aerial survey of industrial plants or project planning and simulation, our aerial platforms provide a variety of applications for industrial use. GPS systems on board of each service-drone enable precise positioning and reproducible images.

That's the way to offer your customers even more, plan with more overview and procure more security

Tip: Architects and project developers use the unique images of our camera drones more and more often for project visualization, for which images which are taken from a low height are especially essential. However, the simulations of views from high buildings in urban areas are increasingly asked for for tenders, and are used as selling point before construction is even begun. Offer your customers more. service-drone makes your vision possible!

» The flight characteristics which produce high quality images because of great flight stability fascinated me from the very first minute. «

Swiss-Skyline Air-Records Productions (Marcel Schwyn and Team), Switzerland

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Camera copters of small size and light weight with high resolution cameras for the mobile use of MULTIROTOR service-drone offer you amongst others the following advantages:

  • Effective and fast work also in urban areas
  • Ideal positioning of the camera for simulating various altitudes
  • Flexible and easy - remote locations can easily be reached
  • Perspectives also over inaccessible terrain, e.g. on water
  • Real-time viewfinder image to all ground stations by SDI monitor
  • GPS assistance and autopilot respectively follow-me system
  • Wind-resistant
  • Fail-safe automatic landing