Film production

First-class recordings

Film production

Complement your film production with fantastic aerial shots

You are planning a film production and need spectacular shots with an unusual perspective? Then com to MULTIROTOR service-drone and let yourself be inspired by fantastic aerial shots.

It doesn't matter whether you film in difficult terrain or over water areas

Our remote controlled drones will deliver first-class aerial recordings from completely different perspectives. It is no problem for the drones to shoot for a film production in difficult terrain or over water areas. The result will be beautiful pictures, exclusively for your movie production.

MULTIROTOR service drone delivers video recordings in the best HD, 4K or even 6K quality

All our drones are designed for professional use. Since they are very low vibration and hover stable in the air, your movie production will benefit from wobble-free images. Any shakes will be compensated immediately fully automatically by the dynamic camera mount with pitch and roll compensation. This results in video recordings in the best quality. The viewfinder image is transmitted in real time.

The right camera for your drone

A high-quality camera is part of the complete drone package. For film production there are different RED Cinema cameras, Blackmagic, Canon EOS 5D Mark III and more. Also mirrorless system cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix GH4 or the Sony Alpha 7RII deliver images in outstanding quality. Let us advise you, according to your requirements. There are solutions of full HD through 4K or even higher resolution in broadcast quality.


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