Events and tourism

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Events and Tourism

Professional aerial photography absolutely re-invented!

The tourism industry is experiencing major changes. Today, short trips booked on short notice dominate the market. The more important it becomes for tourism providers, hotel industry and whole regions, to present their offers in an attractive and convincing way, and to run an effective online marketing, too.

Shoot, snap and soar!

Images of high quality that arouse emotions are absolutely critical. Aerial photographs always offer a very special view and an unusual perspective to set yourself apart from the crowd. Surprising pictures from new perspectives: service-drone has the perfect flying camera for each application!

Tip: Pay attention to correct picture language and make your guests feel like traveling with attractive images. Especially take advantage of moving images, and corporate videos for your online marketing.

Sport und EventCamera copters of small size and light weight with high resolution cameras for the mobile use of MULTIROTOR service-drone offer you amongst others the following advantages:

  • Stability of flight up to 3.000 m sea level
  • Operating temperature +40 to -10 degrees Celsius
  • Flexible and easy - remote locations can easily be reached
  • Perspectives also over inaccessible terrain, e.g. on water
  • Real-time viewfinder image to all ground stations by SDI monitor
  • GPS assistance and autopilot respectively follow-me system
  • Wind-resistant
  • Fail-safe automatic landing

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