Professional UAVs for various applications.


The drone proves itself by its multifunctionality

The drone is an electrically powered aircraft, which is controlled from the ground. She flies very quiet due to the electric motor and lightweight construction. Matched is ideal for movie and aerial photography of all kinds. Based on your individual requirements, we can offer you different UAV types. The spectrum ranges from the MULTIROTOR G4 Blackbird up to the MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane. The former has four rotors and is very lightweight whilst the Skycrane is an octocopter constructed for heavy duty.


The strength of the Skycrane lies in its enormous capacity of up to 6.5 kg, depending on the battery / camera ratio. In addition, the drone has a high-precision sensor. Tilt angle, vertical acceleration, altitude, compass and GPS are standard with this drone. Also, a remote release for still images is possible with it. The autonomous flight radius is an incredible 2,000 meters.

Inspections with your drone

Each drone can be equipped with various camera systems. Including a modern thermal imager for night shots that is also very useful for industrial maintenance as it amkes it easy to find and document wear and damages. The drones can fly up electricity pylons and other large constructions. Rust and leaks can be detected using the high-resolution still images and can be eliminated accordingly.

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