Search and Rescue drone saves lifes at the Baltic Sea

Drone saves lifes

G4 Search and Rescue


MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue in daily use for people search by the DLRG Haffkrug-Scharbeutz e.V. (German lifeguards) in Scharbeutz (Baltic Sea)

DLRG LogoSince August 2016, the world's first drone is in daily use in rescue missions. The MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue drone is stationed at the country's largest DLRG base in Scharbeutz. Responsible for the rescue missions with the UAV is Christoph Niemann, Deputy Chairman of the DLRG Haffkrug-Scharbeutz. The DLRG Haffkrug-Scharbeutz e.V. base monitors beaches with up to 100,000 bathers daily.

The MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue is mainly used for missions, in which a person in the water is missing in unclear position. These scenarios always bind a large number of troops with search chains and many boats.

To master such situations immediately, the DLRG Scharbeutz goes up in the air with the drone by MULTIROTOR to search search for missing persons in the water. Airial photos are of interest for people search not only because of their high angle of view, but they also offer the possibility of a look from above into the water without reflections. For this, the drone is equipped with a real-time video transmission.

Quick response time even under strong wind speeds

The specially trained DLRG pilots are ready for take-off within five minutes and can immediately start with the people search. That is even even true under strong wind conditions. Because our specially developed Flight Control checks and regulates the altitude 512 times per second. As long as helicopters can fly, the MULTIROTOR G4 Search & Rescue can also start.

Currently six trained pilots of DLRG operate the drone on search and rescue missions.

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