Buy an octocopter

Eight rotors make flight much smoother


Purchase of an octocopter

You toy with the idea of buying an octocopter drone? Then come to us! Not only can you buy your octocopter you are also trained extensively with its handling. Service-drone offers you flight lessons with your drone/octocopter up to your demands. Thus you are in a position to navigate your octocopter by yourself within just a few days. To achieve best photos/recordings we forward our know-how, give advice for the best motives and explain everything important regarding lighting conditions.

Technically there is nothing between you and first-class photography and videography. Because with an octocopter you choose an aircraft with eight rotors which enables hovering without vibrations and guarantees clear pictures. Especially for the inspection of industrial plants an octocopter is worth buying. You will be able to even reach areas which are difficult to access, e.g. high-voltage pylons. With our thermal imaging camera you can identify and document corrosion or other traces of wear directly.

Basically our ocotopter is equipped with: navigation, compass and GPS module as well as a professional camera like Lumix GH4, Sony Alpha 7RII or Canon EOS 5D Mark III including bracket, Jeti DC 16 console transmitter including camera control, a battery set and a transport box. An additional feature is the Image transmittance including 7” monitor.


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