Technical maintenance

Maintenance from above.

Makes it easy and cost-efficient to fly past masts and other hard to reach places.

Technical maintenance

Maintenance from above

Flying documentation

Power lines and other tall constructions have to be regularly maintained. To record requirements or document the condition, you have to laboriously climb them or fly past them in helicopters. Both alternatives are equally expensive.

Makes it easy to fly past masts

The MULTIROTOR service-drone copter with a high-resolution camera does not only fly more cost effective; it also reaches places that you could otherwise never reach. Energy suppliers and construction firms have already recognised the advantages and are using more and more service-drone copters for technical documentation.

Tip: Alternating with optical cameras, thermal imaging cameras are also available, e.g. to examine isolators.

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Technical maintenance

Thermographic Inspection


no panicNo Panic
The UAV flies itself, simply take the hands off the controller and the drone holds the current position and location.

flight heightFlightheight
The technical blocked altitude is 3.500m. The statutory requirements the place of use.

Autonomous flights on a range until 4 million square metres

live video streamLive image
Live image transmission in real-time with VGA, SD or HD (encryption is possible).

Professional flying tools for industrial use for inspection, maintenance and repair.

made in GermanyMade in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.



» The flight characteristics which produce high quality images because of great flight stability fascinated me from the very first minute «

Swiss-Skyline Air-Records Productions (Marcel Schwyn and Team), Switzerland

Here are some of the advantages offered by the small, light camera helicopters with high-resolution camera for mobile use by MULTIROTOR service-drone:

  • Work quickly and effectively, even with cables under load
  • Optimum positioning of the camera so you can see through the latticework
  • Flexible and light – remote locations are easily accessible
  • Optional transmitter for pilot and cameraman
  • Real-time viewfinder image to all ground stations by SDI monitor
  • GPS assistance and autopilot/follow-me system
  • Wind-resistant
  • Fail-safe automatic landing
  • MULTIROTOR Upgrade & Maintenance Contract

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