Solutions out of the box

Ready-to-fly complete packages for the innovative surveyor.

Among other these surveyors fly with our MULTIROTOR G4 UAVs.



Aerial survey

Innovative technology

  • Photo + video inspection
  • High resoluted Orthophotos
  • Flight stability up to wind force 5-6
  • Flight-time up to 20min.
  • High quality components in all modules

Makes your workflow easier

  • Measurement of hard to reach objects (landfills, mining areas, dumps, quarries)
  • Generate easily point clouds for digital height models
  • Create topographic surveys, location -and as built drawings
  • Create volume -and hydraulic models

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Find out in the new brochure how the Surveying Robot facilitates your daily surveying work. The precise acquisition of complex projects with classical surveying sensors (Tachymeter and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) requires a great amount of points. Besides the enormous amount of time for the recording of the points, the employees are often exposed to great risks which can only be minimized to a calculable degree by expensive safeguarding. With the use of the Surveying Robot the time and costs requirements for the measurement of many projects can be reduced considerably.

MULTIROTOR in measurement and inspection


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Measurement accuracy
MULTIROTOR UAV-surveying-technology up to 1 mm ground resolution and 6 mm measuring accuracy.

Simple creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM).

3D Models
Simple creation of 3D models.

Autonomous flights on a range until 4 million square metres

Coming home
The function ensures the autonomous return to the pilot or the starting point.

Before or during the flight, you can set waypoints. Fly autonomously so as planned survey flights.

Surveying has never been easier

Practical-oriented geo-workshops

  • Modern training center in Buchholz near Hamburg
  • Guided by experienced instructors
  • In addition to learn about technical and legal foundations, the focus is on improving flight-skills
  • You'll get a flight-practice-certificate at the end of the workshop

Advantages at a glance

  • Very detailed results
  • Positional accuracy better than 1cm (in combiantion with classically measured control points)
  • Significant time and cost savings compared with conventional sensors
  • More saftey for your employees
  • Hard to reach objects can be easily measured

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» The simple, fast and high-resolution UAV measurement method has exceeded all our expectations! «

WVK, Team-Leader Surveying, Nils Schneekloth, Germany



Practical example

Working steps
Measurement oof the control points
ca. 30 min
Preparation time copter
ca. 15 min
Flight time
ca. 18 min
Importing the camera data
ca. 10 min
Processing time in Agisoft
ca. 90 min
Computing time
ca. 140 min
Total time without computing
ca. 163 min / 2,7 h
Total time including computing
ca. 303 min / 5,05 h
Key data
Project area
ca. 23,000 m2
Number of pictures
135 with each 16.7 MP
Flight height
40 m / 10 mm / Pixel
Ground resolution
10 mm per Pixel
jpeg/Tiff size
91 MB / 988 MB

Tachymeter vs. MULTIROTOR Drohne

Traditional Surveys with the tachymeter

In the community of Brieselang, just west of Berlin, we measured a traffic circle (here) in the conventional way. During 30 min. we obtained 180 data points with the tachymeter (10 seconds to measure each point). The result delivered the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to the left.

Surveys with MULTIROTOR are verified as accurate

To prove the accuracy of our UAV-based survey technology we placed 147 measuring plates throughout the 2,000 m2 - area of the traffic circle. With the help of the plates position and elevation of the area have been precisely measured with the tachymeter. It took two minutes to measure each point.

Autonomous Measurement with MULTIROTOR UAVs

This was followed by a survey flight with one of our MULTIROTOR G4 octocopters and a special high-resolution camera. The flight plan with its relevant project requirements was generated by our software package "MULTIROTOR Ground Station and GeoMap Win 3.4".

All that is needed is to import a satellite map of your choice (e.g. at no cost with Google Earth). Then, you place the desired waypoints, choose the camera which will be used from a drop-down list, and the desired ground resolution. The MatrixWizard of the software automatically calculates the optimum flight path and altitude, the distance between the trigger points as well as the distance between the legs of the flight path from one another.

Geo images with ground resolution of 1 mm and measurement accuracy of 6 mm

The surveying flight took 24 min. During this time the copter documented an area of 2,000 m2 in 751 individual photographs. In the „On The Way-Mode“ the camera beneath the octocopter takes all pictures during the flight without stopping.

The exact geotagging is delivered through the MULTIROTOR GeoPlug and the MULTIROTOR GeoMap Win 3.4 Software within seconds after the survey flight on site by a laptop.


Agisoft PhotoScan can export the following filetypes: GeoTIFF, KML/KMZ, Collada, VRML, 3DS, FBX, PDF, DXF, U3D, OBJ, PLY, XYZ Point Cloud, LAS.

Unique and detailed UAV surveying

With the 147 measuring points we determined the accuracy of the survey flight. Each measuring point was compared to the results of the tachymeter measurement.

The difference in (X, Y) position was a maximum of 6 mm and 10 mm in elevation (Z axis). In summary, the MULTIROTOR offers unique and detailed UAV surveying. The additional measurement methods of our UAVs ensure a very high accuracy of position and elevation for the entire area.


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High-resolution ortho photo (UAV)

Because of the special high-resolution camera of the MULTIROTOR G4 copter the ortho photo has 985 megapixels with a ground resolution of 1 mm per pixel. This enables you to survey the covered area pixel by pixel at any time comfortably from your desk.


To display the ortho photo we decided to make use of the Google Maps API due to its remarkably vast data size. The API allows the display of relatively large photos with an edge distance of around 44 metres in a user-friendly manner and with zoom functionality. The traffic circle is located here.

Among others these customers rely on our MULTIROTOR G4 technology:

  • C.A.D. Support GmbH
  • Hanack und Partner Öffentlich bestellte Vermessungsingenieure
  • HPM Vermessungstechnik
  • Infrasis
  • Ingenieurgesellschaft Siebert & Partner
  • Ludwig & Schwefer Öffentlich bestellte Vermessungsingenieure
  • ÖbVI Petersen
  • Strese & Rehs - Öffentlich bestellte Vermessungsingenieure
  • Terradata
  • VTAS GmbH & Co. KG
  • WVK Wasser und Verkehrs-Kontor GmbH
  • Ingenieurgesellschaft Werny + Partner
  • Vermessungs- und Ingenieurbüro Ralph Fromhagen


Further use cases



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