Sport and Event

Sport and Event - Action from new perspectives.

HD Wireless Broadcast

Top shots, flyovers, atmospheres and emotions

Previously, it was always very time-consuming and expensive to imbed live HD aerial images. By using a flying camera mount and a high-performance transmitter the possibilities are now endless. Already today, it is almost possible to output a transmittable HD signal from the flying camera copter.

Transmittable images for your events and live productions

Live broadcasts, events, sporting events or concerts always look good from a bird’s eye view and give your audience another way to watch and to be part of it.

Buy scalable technology and become an expert in aerial live image production, a specialisation with lots of potential. We are happy to advise you on the technical equipment, construct your individual flying HD live camera and train you on how to use it.

Professional aerial photography absolutely re-invented!

The tourism industry is experiencing major changes. Today, short trips booked on short notice dominate the market. The more important it becomes for tourism providers, hotel industry and whole regions, to present their offers in an attractive and convincing way, and to run an effective online marketing, too.

Shoot, snap and soar!

Images of high quality that arouse emotions are absolutely critical. Aerial photographs always offer a very special view and an unusual perspective to set yourself apart from the crowd. Surprising pictures from new perspectives: service-drone has the perfect flying camera for each application!

Tip: Pay attention to correct picture language and make your guests feel like traveling with attractive images. Especially take advantage of moving images, and corporate videos for your online marketing.

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2 - and 3-axis stabilised Brushless Gimbals brushless gimbals provide incredible camera stability.

The carrying capacity is 400g up to 5.000g.

Live image
Live image transmission in real-time with VGA, SD or HD (encryption is possible).

Film and TV
With outstanding image stability for a perfect cinematic experience.

Made in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.

MULTIROTOR Upgrade & Maintenance Contract


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A new kind of perspective

Whatever the application is, service-drone always has the right video drone for your production and offers you unlimited freedom in the creation of your images:

  • Stable and vibration-free HD images
  • HD signal (wireless HD) directly from broadcasting car, if applicable
  • Effective at close range – replaces the camera crane
  • Long-range – replaces manned helicopters
  • Optional second transmitter for pilot and cameraman
  • Real-time viewfinder image to all ground stations by SDI monitor
  • GPS assistance
  • Wind and cold resistant
  • Fail-safe automatic landing
  • MULTIROTOR Upgrade & Maintenance Contract


Flying 4K camera

Wireless HD transmitter on camera drone MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle with Sony FDR-AX100E 4K camera with remote controllable zoom or Sony Alpha 7R camera with 36 megapixels quality

IBU World Cup Biathlon

MULTIROTOR at HD live operation "IBU WORLD CUP BIATHLON" under extreme conditions at -12 ° C and at over 1,000 meters above sea level

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