Logistics and Transport

Spare parts logistics and spare parts transport within factory sites.


Cargo DroneSpeed is still an important factor

Logistics has become a key competitive factor for companies. To be successful in the competition, one is reliant on dependable, efficient and innovative logistics. Logistics involves management, storage and supervision of the transport of goods. Outstanding logistics means customer satisfaction. Speed is still an important factor for a successful logistics process

Quick delivery and pickup by drone

For logistics, especially at close range, the quick delivery and pickup by drone from the air is a future option in addition to the standard transport of products and goods. The areas of application are firstly the internal and external transportation and shipping, as well as the distribution of goods.

Transport droneSpare part transport

In the area of spare part transport (spare part logistics) speed is the decisive factor. Machine failures often lead to loss of production and thus revenue. The fast and efficient transport of spare parts by drone within large plants is the first segment of the huge field of transportation on which we will concentrate.

Project partner

We are currently looking for a project partner from industry to further test the industrial use of drone technology on a joint basis.

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Air cargoTransport
Fast delivery and pickup by drone can become the deciding competitive factor.

The carrying capacity is 400 g up to 5.000 g.

FlighttimeFlight time (min)
The flight time is 10 min to 40 min depending on equipment and UAV.

Made in GermanyMade in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.

Autonomous flights on a range until 4 million square metres

Our redundant design of the flight electronics as well motors and accumulators provide a powerful, flexible and above all safe drone-flying.


The future area of application of the new flying robots will make a great difference. Drone flights can be faster, more cost-efficient and more versatile than is possible with traditional techniques.

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Shopping per mouse click or touch of a finger on a touch screen is daily business in our time. Delivery on the next day is also taken for granted. The logistical effort behind this is only to been seen at the harbor or behind the walls of big logistic centers. The movement of goods within these transshipment centers is called intralogistic.Intralogistic is a big theme and includes all instances from the organisation to the process and control of the internal goods and material flows. The aim is to increase productivity and decrease the costs through the automation of processes.

Autonomik 4.0

MULTIROTOR by service-drone takes up on the automation processes and supplies a suitable component for the system with its self-developed flight system. With the help of special sensor technology the UAV is provided with cognitive abilities. Thereby the UAV is able to perceive, analyse and navigate through its surroundings. During the flight objects are identified by an optical sensor and afterwards integrated in third-party systems like WMS (Warehouse management system) by intelligent interfaces.

Intra Logistics

Inventory and dynamic storage

Tasks like inventory or small transports can be carried out efficient and fast. This is particularly interesting for dynamic storage systems. The object locations are not defined by exact positions anymore but by GPS coordinates. Thereby a higher flexibility is gained that can be controlled, coordinated and tracked by intelligent flight systems.

The 4th MULTIROTOR generation

MULTIROTOR GroundStation SoftwareWith the 4th MULTIROTOR generation, service-drone already offers everything that is necessary for a fully autonomous micro-drone flight:

  1. Flight planning software
    We offer an intelligent and user-friendly flight planning software that allows you to plan your autonomous measurement, video, control or transport flight with a few clicks on your PC or iPad.
  2. High-end drones
    Our multicopter drones of 4th generation are able to carry a payload of up to 5 kg. They have effective drives and fly at up to 6 wind forces respectively 40 km/h wind speed. The robust design without wing-like parts allows a very quick ascension or sliding up to 50 km/h air speed and guarantees even in gusts of wind lowest offset as this would be the case with large-scale constructions.
  3. Flight stability
    Thanks to the latest 32-bit dual processor technology which corrects the attitude 512 times per second allowing the probably safest drone flight of all time, we achieve an unique flight stability.