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Film and TV - perfect camera flight with RED and Co.

Stable images in high quality

A dream comes true! service-drone brings your camera into the air

With the innovative MULTIROTOR camera copters of the 4th generation, a long-awaited film maker's dream comes true! In 2012, service-drone presented the first camera copter for a RED epic or for the little sister RED scarlet-X in series. The new system of the 4th generation (2014) allows for the first time to bring a 4K camera for almost every kind of film production with the flexibility, reliability and precision of a multicopter into the air.

Unlimited perspectives

The contemporary development proves that in the very next future, film and TV productions won't be able to do without ultra high-performance flying cameras. The great advantages which are mainly new unlimited perspectives, reduced setting-up times and ultimately a huge cost advantage likewise convince those who are responsible at each production for images and purchasing.




2 - and 3-axis stabilised Brushless Gimbals brushless gimbals provide incredible camera stability.

The carrying capacity is 400g up to 5.000g.

Live image
Live image transmission in real-time with VGA, SD or HD (encryption is possible).

Film and TV
With outstanding image stability for a perfect cinematic experience.

Made in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.

MULTIROTOR Upgrade & Maintenance Contract

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Exact work under extreme conditions

Our top model MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane V2 with a 360 ° 3-axes brushless gimbal convinces with a superb image stability. With the optional system integration of your Canon EOS-1D C, Blackmagic 4K Cinema, Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Canon EOS 5D MK II, the camera can be adjusted in such an exact way that postprocessing free footages up to 4K are possible even under extreme conditions.


The recent development of the MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane V2 is based on the experience of now more than 300 delivered camera drones which the service-drone team has further developed.
Unglaubliche Perspektiven

<h3">Incredible perspectives



Flying RED camera

The quantum leap to today's most powerful, flexible and secure flight control is huge and allows a quality of moving images made by camera copter that has never been possible up till now. As before, the assembly of a drone with a RED epic and RED scarlet-X is a milestone that we made ready for series production within the recent years.

Flying 4K camera

service-drone always has the right video drone

Buy or hire scalable technology. Whatever your desired application is, service-drone always has the right video drone for your production and offers you unlimited freedom in the creation of your images.


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  • Warner Bros. + Terra Mater Factual Studios, „Deus Ex Machina“
  • ORF + ZDF-Produktion "SOKO-Kitzbühel", beo-Film Österreich
  • Kinodokumentarfilm "Grenzbock", Wüste Film West Produktion + arte
  • 20th Century Fox - "Agent 47" with Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware. Directior Aleksander Bach und Camera Ottar Gudnason
  • ZDF-"Herzkino"-Film "Die Polizistin"
  • ZDF-Fernsehfilm "Kommissarin Heller - Der Beutegänger"
  • "Abenteuer Harz" mit Sascha Hingst, rbb
  • "Mario deckt auf" mit Mario Barth, RTL
  • RTL2 Staffel 7 - "Die Geissens - Eine schrecklich glamouröse Familie" (Nizza, Korsika, Sardinien)
  • "AUTOMATA" internationale Kinoproduktion mit Antonio Banderas
  • "MILRAM" TV-Werbespot
  • "X Factor" Israel
  • ZDF-Produktion "Der Überfall", Dreh in Gdansk (Danzig), Polen
  • ProSieben Galileo Alleskönner Drohnen, ProSieben 26.02.2014 19:05 Uhr
  • RBB Doku "Geheimnisvolle Orte - Das geheime Militärkommando in Geltow", RBB 14.01.2013 20:15 Uhr

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