Defense - reconnaissance, surveying and shipment


Over 3 km rangeUsage scenarios in the military environment

The multi-rotor UAVs are versatile in use. In the military field, they are ideal for reconaissance (also mobile) as well as precise surveying and mapping of terrain and environment.

Difficult terrain and threats, such as ambushes and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) can make ground-based reconnaisance and surveillance a dangerous challenge. While helicopters can easily bypass those problems, they often present logistical challenges of their own and can subject flight crews to different types of threats. Additionally, they are expensive to operate and the supply of available helicopters cannot always meet the demand for their diverse operational services. UAV accidents do not risk the lives of pilots, as do the manned aircraft systems.

A serious disadvantage of helicopters and planes in surveillance work is the high level of noise which they emit. With optional camouflage and other paint jobs the stealth factor of the UAVs can additionally be improved.


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Alongside conventional video cameras, there is the possibility of using a thermal camera, so that living beings, for example, can be more easily detected in darkness or in dense vegetation. The HD video live feed is optionally encrypted. The brushless gimbals provide incredible camera stability for a clear image even at high zoom levels.


Autonomous flights on a range until 4 million square metres.

Coming homeComing home
The function ensures the autonomous return to the pilot or the starting point.

The carrying capacity is 400g up to 5.000g.

Made in GermanyMade in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.

Brushless GimbalsStability
2 - and 3-axis stabilised Brushless Gimbals brushless gimbals provide incredible camera stability.

Live video streamLive image
Live image transmission in real-time with VGA, SD or HD (encryption is possible).


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MULTIROTOR UAVs are capable of live navigation, programmed flightpaths and have a L1 GPS sensor amongst others onboard. Support for RTK and other positioning systems (BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS) is in the development stage. The UAVs also offer a wide variety of security features and assistance systems like autostart, autolanding, coming home and many more.

The system helps to provide situational awareness in real time allowing for fast reaction to possible threats.

The range of UAVs is a big asset compared to ground based reconnaissance and surveillance options.

MULTIROTOR UAVs also offer exceptional measuring capabilities. Hard to reach terrains can easily be measured. In combination with Agisoft PhotoScan the result is an ortho photo and a point cloud allowing for digital terrain models for map creation or tactical simulations.