High technology in agriculture.

Efficient use of resources through airborne information. See what grows.

High technology in agriculture

Rescue is coming out of the air. The service-drone is programmed to automatically scan a corn field. The thermal image camera on board makes the timid fawn visible as a red dot in the live image of the ground station. Operations like this are nowadays reality and protect the fawn of the given mowing death by an approaching harvester as well as the farmer's crop yield.

MULTIROTOR UAVs make modern farming efficient and safe

Furthermore, the view from the air allows the accurate determination of maturity and best harvest time, exploration of crop failure due to hail or pests in the field and in the vineyard, or the finding of wild boar nests for hunting.


GPS flight assistance
Unique GPS flight assistance for manual or fully autonomous flying

The flight time is 10min to 40min depending on equipment and UAV.

Free interfaces for future sensore technology (radar, laser, collision avoidance)

Aerial photographs of all heights, angles and perspectives.

Made in Germany
Inhouse development and production makes also your special applications possible.

Drones support modern agriculture and make it more efficient and safer.

Increasing profitability

“The right Input, the right Amount, the right time and the right place”

For centuries it is the ambitious aim of every farmer to increase the harvest yields. More harvest means higher profitability. For this purpose the agriculture was repeatedly reformed. While in the past the fields were farmed by hand, computer controlled systems take over the work of the farmer today. In this context Precision Farming and Farming 4.0 are the right keywords. Targets of this future-orientated technology are an increase of productivity and protection of the environment.

Precision Farming

MULTIROTOR by service-drone is a german manufacturer and developer of UAV’s, which will soon represent an indispensable production factor in the agricultural value process. With help of the UAV it is possible to:

  • document the stock
  • diagnose illness in the stock (agricultural diagnostic)
  • regulate the use of pesticides
  • optimise irrigation
  • identify the optimal time for harvest

These examples of use are possible through the integration of different applications. These include thermographic cameras like the Optris PI640 or hyperspectral cameras from Rikola. Time saving, protection of the field’s soil and an optimised resources consumption will smooth the way for the successful use of MULTIROTOR drones in the agriculture.

Farming 4.0

Today the phrase “linked farming” is often used in connection with modern agriculture. All over a highly technologized farm data occur to be saved and evaluated. The UAV also produces data which is transferred by appropriate interfaces to the FMIS (Farm Management Information System) to activate further actions like those described above. This is an efficient, profitable and user-friendly application scenario how UAV’s can be integrated seamlessly into the value creation process. Contact us and allow us to advise you!

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Hyperspektrale Erfassung


Programmmed or manual flight possible


Liveview in HD-quality


Reaction to the results (irrigate, spray crops, harvest etc.)


Hyperspectral Camera

Rikola Ltd. has developed, together with VTT, the world’s smallest and most lightweight Hyperspectral Camera. This frame based solution provides full 2D images at every exposure enabling hyperspectral stereophotogrammetry in perfect harmony with our MULTIROTOR UAVs of the 4th generation. The camera has proven its high performance with several benefits:

  • Lightweight: < 600 g
  • Small and robust: handheld size
  • Frame based: provides full 2D images at every exposure
  • High accuracy image mosaics in low cost
  • Approx. 30 times faster than LCTF based devices


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Nano-Hyperspec by Headwall Photonics Inc.

Today’s UAVs are exceptionally small and light and they demand payloads to match. The Nano-Hyperspec is a great companion to our multicopters.

Headwall’s new Nano-Hyperspec® is a completely integrated hyperspectral sensor designed for the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range. A key advantage of Nano-Hyperspec is that it also includes 480GB of on-board data collection/storage, plus attached GPS/IMU functionality. This allows the payload bay of the UAV to be optimized for other needs such as video or thermal imaging. Weight and space is saved, making for a more efficient airborne solution.

Nano-Hyperspec is optimized for today's new breed of UAVs and drones to meet practically any deployment scenario.


  • Frame rate 300 Hz. max.
  • 17 mm lens (4.8 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 23 mm, and 35 mm also available)
  • 480GB storage capacity (~ 130 minutes at 100 fps)
  • Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Size (exclusive of GPS): 3" x 3" x 4.72" (76.2 mm x 76.2 mm x 119.92 mm)
  • Weight without lens: less than 1.15 lb. (0.52 kg)

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