Project Innungsstraße

Efficient surveying.


Approximately 20 km south of Hamburg is the city Buchholz in Lower Saxony. People settled here since 13,000 b.c., the end of the last ice age. Some districts were already mentioned in the year 1105. Napoleon occupied the former village Buchholz from 1803-1814. The population grew from 178 in 1821 to 40,201 people in 2013.


In direct vicinity of the "Vaenser Heide" is the commercial zone II with the Innungsstraße. The street is encircled between two roundabouts. It is very clear and is home to several buildings. We flew a survey flight with our Multirotor G4 4.8 Geocopter in order to gain an impressive 3D animation. The aim of the project was the animation, including digital elevation model.

Ortho photo

To illustrate the orthophotos we decided with respect to the image size of as much as 1.8 gigabytes in the original for the Google Maps API. The API makes it possible to present the relatively large image with an edge length of approximately 350m x 225m user-friendly and with zoom functionality.

Location on Google Maps

The Innungsstraße is here.



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Job data
MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 GeoCopter
Three sets with 12 minutes flight time each
Olympus E-PL5 with 14 mm lens
Flight planning software
MULTIROTOR GroundStation and GeoMap Win 3.0 Software
Software Ortho photo
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition
Number of pictures
Ground resolution
13.30 mm per pixel
8.2 hectars (8 soccer fields)
Flight duration
22 minutes
Flight altitude
72 metres
Edge length
350 m × 225 m
2 (2 Bft)

camera locations

Camera locations

This graphic shows the orientations of the camera during the survey flight aboard the Multirotor G4 4.8 Geocopter. The comparison of estimated and measured height and location is shown here graphically.


Survey Data

Survey data

On this chart you can find more information about the survey flight and the ensuing image overlaps in the evaluation. The altitude was about 72 meters in the maximum.


Digital Elevation Model

Digital elevation model

This graph shows the digital elevation model of Innungsstraße. Not the resolution, but the speed and a quick execution were the aim of the project.


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