Project Vehlefanz

Surveying made easy


A place with history

We are in the community of Oberkrämer in the administrative district of Oberhavel near Berlin, the district of Vehlefanz. The name Vehlefanz is derived from the Slavic words 'velij' (big) and 'vas' (beard). Its history goes back to the year 8000 before Christ. Napoleon resided there temporarily in 1812 in the Amtshaus of the village and also Fontane, 'The Captain of Köpenick' as well as Karl Liebknecht were guests here.


South of the village lies the 'Berliner Ring' (A10), a circular highway surrounding Berlin. Our goal was to survey the northern shore of lake Karpfensee with the help of our MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 GeoCopter.

Ortho photo

To display the ortho photo we decided to make use of the Google Maps API due to its remarkably vast data size. The API allows the display of relatively large photos with an edge distance of around 820' x 820' / 250 x 250 metres in a user-friendly manner and with zoom functionality.

Location on Google Maps

The northern Karpfensee is located here.



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3D model from 264 geo-referenced images

A geo-referenced model was generated from 264 geo-referenced images taken along the flight path of the GeoCopter. The focus is on the jetty with a rowboat. The MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 GeoCopter offers a complete new set of survey applications with sub-inch precision, near-range photogrammetry of buildings or 3D models and animation thereof.



Flight planingThe ortho photo has a ground resolution of better than ½'' / 1cm per pixel

With our software GeoMap Win 3.3 we specified the area to be measured with only three clicks. It automatically calculated the waypoints for the flight path and altitude in an instant. The multicopter covered an area of over 15 acres / 6.2 hectares (over 8.5 soccer fields) within a total flight time of 20 minutes and a short pit stop to exchange the batteries. This has resulted in 264 geo-referenced images from which we proceeded to construct a single ortho photo as well as a 3D model of the area. The ortho photo has a resolution of the ground surface of less than ½'' / 1cm per pixel.

File typesFiletypes
Agisoft PhotoScan can export the following filetypes: GeoTIFF, KML/KMZ, Collada, VRML, 3DS, FBX, PDF, DXF, U3D, OBJ, PLY, XYZ Point Cloud, LAS.

Job data
MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 GeoCopter
Two sets with 12 minutes flight time each
Nikon COOLPIX A with 18.5 mm lens
Flight planning software
MULTIROTOR GeoMap Win 3.0 Software
Software Ortho photo
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition
Number of pictures
Ground resolution
Less than ½'' / 1 cm per pixel
15 acres / 6.2 hectars (over 7 soccer fields)
Flight duration
20 minutes
Flight altitude
140' / 43 metres
Edge length
800' / 250 metres
4 (5 Bft)

Camera positions

Camera positions

On this image you see the alignment of the camera on board of the MULTIROTOR G4 4.8 GeoCopter during its survey flight.

Surveying data

Survey Data

The chart displays more information on the survey flight. The flight altitude was approximately 140' / 43 metres.

Digital elevation model

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

This chart shows the DEM of northern Karpfensee.


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