Air drone

Up in the air.


Technology that pays off

Whether plant protection or journalism - the field of use of an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is diverse. The UAV is particularly appreciated in the aerial photography and for video footage. We offer ultra-modern camera systems that can be customized and also offer make thermal imaging. That is an effective and affordable way to detect damage such as leaks or corrosion on plants early. Because you have no need for heavy equipment or to contact maintenance technicians before it is determined that repair work is required you cane save big.

The fully operational UAV

Each unit includes a fully operational UAV with LiPo charger and charging cables. So there is nothing in the way for your first professional flight with your new drone. In order to be proficient in the use of the UAV, we recommend an intensive flight training with us, even though the devices are very easy to use.

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