Aerial photos

Discover new perspectives.


Aerial photographs open up new horizons

Aerial photographs are fascinating. They give us insight into completely unknown perspectives and let us see things differently. Therefore, they are in demand both in the film and tourism industries as well as in journalism.

Aerial photos from almost any perspective

High-quality aerial images with clearly recognizable motif require special equipment. The most important thing is a solid flight object that brings the camera in the desired position. With such a drone, it is possible to film even inaccessible areas and take pictures. A good example are shots of nature reserves, canyons and lakes. As our drones reach altitudes up to 450 meters and overcome distances of up to 500 meters, almost any perspective is possible. In addition, a load capacity of up to 7 kilograms (depending on the model). This allows air photos with various professional cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, RED EPIC or Optris PI Lightweight IR camera. The 350 gram lightweight thermal imaging camera offers over comparable thermal imagers a very favorable price-performance ratio and convinces with fully radiometric IR inspection (infrared) at 382 x 288 pixel resolution in 12 ms per image. Depending on the industry and application area also offer four different models drones for aerial images to choose from.

In-house and with your drone

To ensure that your air photos also succeed on their own, MULTI ROTOR provides service drone customers and license partners flight training, a photo training and an extensive accessories store. In addition, you also get replacement equipment with us. If your drone is damaged, you can feel free to contact our repair service. Just ask.

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