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Whether film, industry, tourism, journalism or maintenance of technical installations - aerial photographs are in demand in many areas. To fulfil their purpose - appealing impressions or indications of wear - they should of course be of really good quality. Aerial photographs are not easy to accomplish. If you want to film or photograph from bird's eye view, the first problem is often the access to the subject. To get your image optimally it requires appropriate lighting conditions and the right height. There are also some other aspects, the photographer must consider when doing aerial photography on a professional level.

A variety of options with the right equipment

An additional difficulty with aerial photography is to achieve steady images. This is only possible with the right equipment, and that you get whith MULTIROTOR service drone. With us, you have the option to either rent a drone for aerial photography, to buy them directly or to lease. The camera is optional and depends on the nature of your recordings. For the technical maintenance of plant thermal imagers are particularly helpful as wear marks on the images like corrosion are easy to read.

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