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MULTIROTOR – Technology champion in the B2B UAV market

MULTIROTOR is a true pioneer in the UAV market. Long before Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAV) were well known and recognized, both in public and in the industrial world, MULTIROTOR was developing in 2008 its first micro multi-copter exclusively for trendsetting B2B applications.

MULTIROTOR is a key influencer and forerunner of one of the most interesting and promising technology trends of the last couple of years. Hardly any other UAV manufacturer has the same experience and customer base in the field of professional multi-copter drones for commercial use. The fast growing company produces mass-customized flying robots as end-to-end solutions for a growing number of amazing applications.

» No reported crashes since the introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology «

Hundredfold proven and reliable against technical failure

The production and assembly of all key components, both hard- and software, are completely “Made-in-Germany” and of the highest quality. This results in flying systems which conform with “Civil Aviation”-like security standards, easy and intuitively to use, extremely wind-resistant as well as scalable to a large range of potential applications and use cases.

ARTIE Innovation AwardIn 2014 Multirotor’s newly developed “G4-Technology” flight control was awarded with the “ARTIE innovation award for outstanding, innovative solutions”.

» The company is particularly innovative due to its superior product characteristics and the technological leadership that it has achieved «

Jury of the ARTIE Innovation Award 2014


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Advantages of MULTIROTOR by service-drone

32bit32-bit dual-processor
The latest 32-bit dual-processor technology enables the probably most secure drone flight ever, our Flight-Control corrects the flight position 512 times per second.

Our redundant design of the flight electronics as well motors and accumulators provide a powerful, flexible and above all safe drone-flying.

Autonomous flights on a range until 4 million square metres

gpsGPS flight assistance
Unique GPS flight assistance for manual or fully autonomous flying

position holdPosition hold
With GPS, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, 3-axis angular rate, acceleration and geomagnetic sensors the drone keeps the exact location and altitude.

coming homeComing home
The function ensures the autonomous return to the pilot or the starting point.

Before or during the flight, you can set waypoints. Fly autonomously so as planned survey flights.

By a plurality of sensors, it is possible to let the MULTIROTOR start automatically.

Accurate data acquisition 128 times per second.

file typesFiletypes
Agisoft PhotoScan can export the following filetypes GeoTIFF, KML/KMZ, Collada, VRML, 3DS, FBX, PDF, DXF, U3D, OBJ, PLY, XYZ Point Cloud, LAS.

autolandingAutolanding / Failsafe
The wide variety of sensors allows a fully automatic landing and prevented in case of error an uncontrolled crash.

no panicNo Panic
The UAV flies itself, simply take the hands off the controller and the drone holds the current position and location.

flight heightFlightheight
The technical blocked altitude is 3.500m. The statutory requirements the place of use.

The carrying capacity is 400g up to 5.000g.

flight timeFlighttime
The flight time is 10min to 40min depending on equipment and UAV.

2 - and 3-axis stabilised Brushless Gimbals brushless gimbals provide incredible camera stability.

Free interfaces for future sensore technology (radar, laser, collision avoidance)

out of the boxOut of the box
Flying for everybody ’out of the box’, no model flight and model build skills required.

live streamLive image
Live image transmission in real-time with VGA, SD or HD (encryption is possible).

Intelligent and easy to use flight planning software (PC and iPad) for autonomous measurement, video, control or transport flights.


» The INTERGEO 2014 tradeshow has proved, that quality made in Germany by service-drone stays competitive against big companies «

Oliver Knittel

MULTIROTOR service-drone receives "austro CONTROL" flight permission

On 2 May 2014, MULTIROTOR by service-drone.com received flight permission for the operation of its UAVs in Austria from the Austro Control GmbH. According to the amendment of the Luftfahrtgesetz (LFG) the operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems will be possible as of 1.1.2014. The revised LFG is therefore the strictest law in Europe and provides clear rules for future drone flights in the Alpine country.

With our redundant design of flight electronics (MULTIROTOR flight control) as well as of motors and batteries, we offer an efficient, flexible and, above all, safe flight.

austro CONTROL Austria flight permission - Operating weight up to 5 kg
Category 1 - undeveloped
Category 2 - uninhabited
Category 3 - populated
Category 4 - populous
austro CONTROL Austria flight permission - Operating weight up to 25 kg
Category 1 - undeveloped
Category 2 - uninhabited
Category 3 - populated
Category 4 - populous

MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle receives flight acceptance ENAC for commercial operations

Service-drone touches down in Italy

Service-drone, one of the European market leader in the field of unmanned remote controlled micro drone flight systems (UAV), lands with its prizewinning MULTIROTOR G4 flight system in Italy: Al-to Drones, the official licensed partner for Italy, has received the flight acceptance for the first two drones for “non-critical” missions.

The two MULTIROTR G4 Eagle of the start-up company from South Tirol were certified by the Italian aeronautical authority ENAC at the end of December 2014. Beside demonstration flights they will be used for measurement, video inspections and film shootings. Therefor the copter of the service-drone.de GmbH are authorized officially for air traffic in one more European country. Decisive for the relative fast acceptance was the redundant construction of important components, the premium-quality processing as well as the extraordinary calm and precise flight characteristics. Maybe the special look of the drones has acted a part in the design-loving Italy, too.

Next to the acceptance for the commercial drone flight in Austria, for which the MULTIROTOR flight systems already received the acceptance for all categories at the beginning of 2014, since 2014 the flight acceptance in Italy is just under strict requirements and a long audit process of the Italian aeronautical authority ENAC possible. Till now just very few UAV-producer received the desired acceptance.


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