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Customer opinions

Aerial thermal image of the Mainz public utility company

MULTIROTOR bei der Stadtwerke Mainz AGThermal image of PV systems, medium and high-voltage systems with the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot with Optris PI LightWeight 640 IR and optical GoPro HERO 3+. The Mainz public utility company has recently been using a MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot hexacopter primarily for the inspection of photovoltaic systems with a thermal imaging camera. After the successful flight training and instruction on the functions of the aircraft, the familiarisation period is very short, so that safe and stable flying is guaranteed from the outset.

At the Mainz public utility company, a pilot and an observer form a team together. While the pilot flies by sight, the observer uses an additional monitor to give instructions for the flight path and altitude in order to achieve an optimal sectional image. Since the pilot and observer each have a monitor, coordination is easy.

» After the successful flight training and instruction on the functions of the aircraft, the familiarisation period is very short, so that safe and stable flying is guaranteed from the outset. «

Andreas Wolff (observer) & Klaus Stephan (pilot), Stadtwerke Mainz AG

Photovoltaik Infrarotaufnahme der Stadtwerke Mainz AGThe technical solution of storing individual thermal images from the transmitter remotely facilitates the evaluation after the flight, as large numbers of photographs are not produced.  Even during the flight, errors can be clearly and reliably identified. On the one hand, the thermal imaging camera can be continuously adjusted via the transmitter to the optimum angle of 90 degrees to the surface of the modules, while on the other hand temperature differences of approximately 2°C can be readily detected due to the high quality of the Optris PI LightWeight 640 IR thermal imaging camera. This is very important in the case of thin-film modules. Following the thermographic procedure, the Olympus E-PL7 with 14 mm lens is used to create aerial photographs of the entire system which previously had not been generally available. These help the repair team to find their way around, as well as expanding the documentation.

The total time required for the inspection of a 1 megawatt peak roof system was only 3 hours. In the near future the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot will be used for taking thermal images of open spaces, PV systems with programmed flight, surveying, construction site documentation, event photography, thermal images of medium and high-voltage installations and wind turbines. The flexibility is improved by the low weight of less than 5 kg, since in this case only a general flying permit is required.

Stadtwerke Mainz AG
Andreas Wolff (observer) & Klaus Stephan (pilot), Germany

High-class media sector with professional camera systems

» The MULTIROTOR G4 7.8 Skycrane is the best and safest UAV system in the civil sector worldwide. «

PHX Pictures GmbH, CEO Benjamin Matthias Tewaag

MULTIROTOR bei PHX PicturesAs a professional service provider in the high-class media sector, PHX ( flies the biggest and most expensive camera systems that exist on the current market. That’s why we opted for the MULTIROTOR G4 7.8 Skycrane. In over 750 flight hours and even in challenging shootings – we never had any relevant problems or malfunctions. We are convinced (knowing the market) that the MULTIROTOR G4 Skycrane 7.8 is the best and safest UAV system in the civil sector worldwide. That, and the operating experience of our pilots, are the pre-conditions for flights with super-set-ups of over 100.000 Euro.

PHX Pictures GmbH, CEO Benjamin Matthias Tewaag

Surveying with the div-GmbH

MULTIROTOR bei der div-GmbHSince 2012 we have been operating flying drones with which we create photographs and films for photogrammetric evaluation, documentation and surveying. After the crash of our old drone in July this year we decided to obtain a new model from the service-drone company. The most important reasons for this were the good flight characteristics in the wind and the long flight time.

Now, after one month of use at div-GmbH and the successful implementation of two projects, as well as several test flights with the new MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot copter, we can submit an initial conclusion. The transportation of the drone with all of the accessories proved to be particularly efficient through the use of the practical transport box. This ensures that all of the accessories (batteries, chargers, remote control, etc.) really are available in the compact box, which can be conveniently transported with any conventional vehicle.

» After the crash of our old drone in July this year we decided to obtain a new model from the Service-Drone company. The most important reasons for this were the good flight characteristics in the wind and the long flight time. «

Graduate Engineer Stephan Fick, div-GmbH

Wasserturm von der div-GmbH erfasstThe first project we executed was inventory documentation for the creation of a channel cadastre in Berlin. With only 3 flights it was possible to fly over a total area of more than 10 hectares with a ground resolution of 1 cm per pixel. Another project was the inventory documentation of a network node in Saxony. At an altitude of 30 metres, a total area of 3.5 hectares was covered, providing a ground resolution of 0.5 cm per pixel.
In both surveying projects, high-resolution orthophotos (aerial map), point clouds, digital terrain models and aerial photographs were created from the processing of the acquired data.

The positive aspects:

  • long flight time of min. 20 minutes
  • very low susceptibility to wind
  • good image quality of the live view
  • reliable flying along the programmed route
  • convenient flight planning
  • compact transport box

In summary we can confirm that we are very satisfied with the investment in the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot.

Graduate Engineer Stephan Fick, Germany

Excellent and userfriendly under all conditions

After having the chance of testing the MULTIROTOR system G4 Skycrane, we realized that the system is working excellent and userfriendly even under extremly hard conditions. We had the chance of working completely relaxed at shear winds between two 149-meter-high church towers (Bft 4 - 5) in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.
Seeing the Skycrane in these wind conditions in a completely stable position was an experience for us. A really outstanding product.

In the next week we will create a picture planning to measure a distance with a length of 3,600 meters. We will report our results to you.

By the way this is our fifth system made by service-drone. Thank you. High qualitiy and top service.

Supra Terram
Beate Elisabeth Gerstenkorn owner and pilot and Jörg Richter project manager and camera, Germany

Impressed from the very first minute

Swiss-Skyline Air-RecordsI have recently started the job as a multikopter pilot at service-drone. Especially the flight characteristics which produce high quality images because of great flight stability fascinated me from the very first minute. Also the customer service I appreciate very much. GmbH is very committed to care for their customers and keep their own products up to date.

The ability of discovering new perspectives and setting new limits makes the copters very attractive and fascinates pilots and customers. The application possibilities are almost unlimited- also the local police was impressed with an assistance intervention which was realised by my multicopter.

Swiss-Skyline Air-RecordsSchaffhauser Nachrichten

Swiss-Skyline Air-Records Productions (Marcel Schwyn and Team), Switzerland

My top priority is not the quantity of the business, but the quality of it.

David VavercakI already prepared a promotional movie for one of the biggest shopping malls of Slovakia - Aupark, I was asked to provide special footage for one musical band and lastly, I was flying two days for the SuperStar TV production for the leading Slovak and Czech private TV - Markiza and Nova. My last project was the shooting of a wedding and photo making of the Wake Lake sports areal located at one lake in Bratislava.

I have already agreed with the most famous hip hop artist of slovak and czech republic, that I will be producing his upcoming movie clips - his name is Rytmus and he is one of the most powerful artist in the whole czech and slovak territory - we are very good personal friends... he wants to shoot his next movie clip in Dubai!

David VavercakDavid Vavercak, Slovakia

Thanks a lot for a great drone!

flyingrabbitsSince the summer of 2012, we as the flyingrabbits have our 2.5 octocopter of service-drone floating through the air. Thanks to the excellent flight training and further help and advice of the service-drone team we were quickly able to complete the first orders. Whether it's music video clips, corporate videos or documentaries - our drone was always reliable! Mainly, we work in the media industry for film, TV and advertising, which means that depending on the project a wide range of shooting and flight conditions are expecting us. Especially the boys and girls of the factory in Buchholz have always been willing to listen and support with their expertise.

flyingrabbitsThanks a lot for a great drone and the cordial and competent cooperation even after conclusion of the purchase contract!

Nadine Filler and Konstantin Schlund, Germany

Drone is not equal to drone!

Gerd-HerrenFirst of all, the video drones of service-drone are very stable and balanced for filming. That makes the difference ever.

Mainly, I shoot high-quality nature films and use the drones also for this purpose. Since I can not afford any wiggly pictures. Shooting nature films means working even in difficult terrain. service-drone has once again worked to the pragmatic detail to transport the drones safely.

Gerd-HerrenPremium technology postulates direct contact between the customer and skilled technicians - professionally and without indirections. Adjustments to the cameras, individual requirements for operating the remote controls and above all safe maintenance are guaranteed with service-drone.

There are also top-class pilots on who you can rely and who transfer their knowledge and know-how in an enjoyable and effective way.

From sophisticated technology to insurance issues, service-drone offers the whole package .... that pays!

Gerd Herren, Belgium

We are very happy to have chosen service-drone

Stefanie ErxlebenFor a year now, our airvideo-service works closely with the equipment and team of service-drone.

We are very happy to have chosen this provider. As a former outsider in the sector of flight and micro-engineering we needed quite more instruction and flight training as other customers. We were very well trained and advised.

What we really want to emphasize, is the advice and service of service-drone that goes far beyond the date of purchase. The service center in Hamburg is always available for us with advice and support, providing us constantly with the latest software and any problems you have are solved fast and reliable, also on the weekends.

Stefanie ErxlebenWe already have a well diversified customer base in the line of marketing, film and tourism, e.g. DLRG Lifeguard Association and the local chapter of the Tourist Association of the Ostseebad Graal-Müritz. We are also planning promising and far-ranging projects for drone systems in sciences.

Stefanie Erxleben, Germany

Very pleasantly surprised at the response!

I can truely say that I enthusiastically joined in service-drone from the very beginning.

I've got all the important information in advance and was allowed to meet the friendly phone voice in my flight training: Jörg Sonnenberg is really recommendable when one is a little stressed at the first attempts to fly! I could not help but to end the training days with a laugh. ;-)

I am very pleasantly surprised at the response of my performance as SD license partner: Initially, I did not had time to take care of my acquisition, I am astounded to have received three requests for a collaboration in the first two months...

I am looking forward to my further cooperation with friendly and reliable partners.

Anja Michael, Germany

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